From Seeking Alpha editors today, quote:

“Solar stocks (TAN -6.2%) are under notable pressure today, possibly due to disappointment over the U.S. stimulus bill which failed to contain any specific help for the renewable energy industry.

While solar companies can apply for loans just like any other business, the bill does not include the tax credit extensions and direct pay provisions sought by the industry. Solar names trade sharply lower: RUN -16.5%, SPWR -13.6%, JKS -13%, CSIQ -10%, ENPH -7.3%, VSLR -7.2%, SEDG -5.9%, FSLR -2.3%.

New reports from Morgan Stanley, Wood Mackenzie and Rystad Energy foresee sharp cutbacks for wind, solar and battery growth in the U.S.Read the rest


W.A.T. = Walking around town

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Spring showed up in the valley the last couple of weeks … … Read the rest


Grist put together a really good side-by-side of the two remaining plausible Dem candidates and their climate positions

Closing paragraph quote, “That idealism, which is easy to denigrate as naivete, may be Sanders’ biggest weakness heading into Sunday’s debate. Meanwhile, Biden’s biggest weakness is a different kind of idealism — the hope that technology and market-based solutions, without major changes to the fossil fuel industry, will be enough to confront the scale of the climate crisis. (Both candidates have called it an “existential crisis.”) In a speech Sanders gave on Wednesday about his decision to stay in the race, he said he plans to confront Biden about his energy and climate plans at Sunday’s debate and specifically press him on developing science-based targets.Read the rest


W.A.T. = walking around town – as always, click on the image to see the full pic. None of the below were touched up after downloading from camera.

The flowers are springing out (pun intended) … the birds are singing happier songs … not quite spring, but it’s so close

Soon the leaves will explode out with the remaining blooms and blossoms… Read the rest

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It’s not fast; it does not have a huge range for battery … but

Quote: “The business plan, too, frames the Ami as a scooter replacement when it hits streets this June. You could buy it outright for $6,600, or you could lease it for $22 per month (with about $3,000 down), or rent it for 30 cents a minute with ride-share apps. The monthly lease is on par with current e-scooter subscriptions, though the minute-by-minute rate is about twice what the e-scooter company Bird is charging.” the rest


She’s amazing to watch play the guitar … the guitar truly seems like an extension of her body and soul. Guitar Player has this series about the 5 riffs that changed your playing. Molly’s list is here

Clarence White, David Greer, David Rawlings and Joni Mitchell all are on the list. All of these I love to listen to …

I have been a long time fan of Clarence White’s playing both via Kentucky Colonels and the Byrds. David Greer, my once guitar teacher Eric Skye turned me on to Greer’s playing (I cannot even figure out how he gets that many tones from his guitars)!… Read the rest


A new research report is out that concludes, quote: “By combing through a public dataset of over 1,000 species and 64 habitats in British Columbia, they were able to compare the surrogacy value of each species — a numerical score based on the association of two species through their use of shared habitats. They found that a mixture of five to 10 game and non-game species offered the best value as surrogates for biodiversity conservation.”

And a bit more, “We discovered what we called an ‘all-star’ team of species for each of the province’s nine wildlife management units, as well as an all-star team for the province as a whole,” says Sarah Falconer, graduate student at Laurentian University and study co-author.Read the rest