Molly Tuttle’s 5 riffs

She’s amazing to watch play the guitar … the guitar truly seems like an extension of her body and soul. Guitar Player has this series about the 5 riffs that changed your playing. Molly’s list is here

Clarence White, David Greer, David Rawlings and Joni Mitchell all are on the list. All of these I love to listen to …

I have been a long time fan of Clarence White’s playing both via Kentucky Colonels and the Byrds. David Greer, my once guitar teacher Eric Skye turned me on to Greer’s playing (I cannot even figure out how he gets that many tones from his guitars)! David Rawlings is one of my newer player loves that I can listen to all day long. — check this out. The soul Rawlings gets out of that old archtop floors me every time.

Molly fits within this group of players … as does Billy Strings. I love watching YouTube of these two playing together – mostly how they watch each other and get these huge smiles as the other crafts beautiful solos, for example …

Or for those non bluegrass lovers

Play on …

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