Post on FED’s bubble management

Post on FED’s bubble management

One of favorite writers put out a great post on the FED’s recent (COVID-19 required) actions to create another bubble to fix the bubble that just popped in the credit markets. Sounds like a comedy or a tragedy depending on your point of view. But Lance’s insights have helped me make and prevent losing money over the last couple of years. His inputs are worth the time to understand … I also echo the ‘pension problem’ issue and the recent decline in assets will make it bigger – but nobody is really talking about it yet.

Quote from his conclusion: “The lynchpin in the U.S., remains demographics, and interest rates. As the aging population grows, they are becoming a net drag on “savings,” the dependency on the “social welfare net” will explode as employment and economic stability plummets, and the “pension problem” has yet to be realized. While the current surge in QE may indeed be successful in inflating another bubble, there is a limit to the ability to continue pulling forward future consumption to stimulate economic activity. In other words, there are only so many autos, houses, etc., which can be purchased within a given cycle.

There is evidence the cycle peak has already been reached.One thing is for certain, the Federal Reserve will never be able to raise rates, or reduce monetary policy ever again.

Welcome to the United States of Japan.” (lance’s italics)

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