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Cool tech to keep streets safe for non-car people (like me)

I almost never drive … and if I do, there must be multiple destinations or something to do that is worth the carbon guilt … However, as I walk, run, bike everywhere, I am constantly ‘on alert’ due to people driving cars who seem to just want to make it hard for non-car people

Grist published a spot on a company that is coming up with some help for us …

Quote: “Tara Pham’s company, Numina, generates the granular data that cities require to design bike- and pedestrian-friendly roads and neighborhoods. You could say it all got started by accident — two of them, as a matter of fact. We got both stories recently, after Pham, who has a background in civic technology and engineering, landed on the 2020 Grist 50, our annual list of emerging climate and justice leaders. Our conversation with Pham has been edited and condensed for clarity.”

This is cool … and a good earth day post

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