Jobs or no jobs … but people!

Heisenberg posted today on the job numbers which were a continuation of terrible. Two points struck me.

First, Heisenberg did a fabulous job (consistently over the last few weeks) of making sure we remember that behind those numbers are real people. I was often reminded when i managed teams and was required to redeploy human resources that there is a curse of dehumanizing it all due to the simplicity of spreadsheets and numbers – there are humans represented by those numbers; quote: “Obviously, one can extrapolate and otherwise work with the numbers to create a smorgasbord of alarming statistics, but, as I’ve been keen to emphasize, these aren’t just statistics – they are people”

Second, the stock markets took 4.4m jobless people as a positive as it was not even higher … what kind of world is that a rational response?

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