Some days, I read somehting and all i can say is ‘WOW’ – incredibly interesting and something that I did not know – one of those ‘blow me away’ factoids. A recent study of bumblebees and how they can influence flowers to accelerate pollen production was one of them … and scientists have yet to figure out how they do it – only that they can, and do! Source

Quote below is the kernel of their findings, “Based on their lab studies, the researchers were able to show that the bumblebees’ propensity to damage leaves has a strong correlation with the amount of pollen they can obtain: Bees damage leaves much more frequently when there is little or no pollen available to them.Read the rest


Seems like the higher your education level, the more flexibility and options you have for working locations – or WFH basically.

Infographic: Is Working From Home a Privilege? | Statista


This is not surprising, but there is a terrible social construct inference that hurts my soul. The lesser educated are expendable and the right people to put on front lines in a ‘war’ – sound familiar? Knights and foot soldiers (peasants) anyone?… Read the rest


This recent post by Dr H has my head spinning; mostly around topics that have been forefront and already twirling, but this is worth the read.

The structrual changes C-19 may bring are broad and wide – socially, economically, poltitically foremost. But, there seems two questions that I spiral down to: a) what changes in my own personal behavior should I make to help move my community to a more positive space (safe space – health and economic), and b) how do I as an investor make money without exploiting the pain of others?… Read the rest


Infographic: One Infected Clubgoer Triggers Massive Response | Statista

Quote: The Korean Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that as of Wednesday, 119 new infection have been traced back to the 29-year-old and that 5,517 fellow clubgoers have been contacted in the process. This has led to 7,272 additional tests being administered on Tuesday (on top of the baseline of 4,000 to 5,000 tests carried out daily in the country) to patrons and their families/immediate contacts. Authorities said they had identified a total of more than 11,000 people who had been in the general area on the night in question.”Read the rest


Reminder to click on image to see original – some contrast and saturation were applied to original for better image

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Dr H put out a great post this morning on the continued exporting of US meat products during a time where companies / officials are claiming broken supply chain and farm goods / animals being destroyed … Something just does not reconcile based on this post.

The original content came from Reuters, and from their piece, quote, “While pork supplies tightened as the number of pigs slaughtered each day plunged by about 40% since mid-March, shipments of American pork to China more than quadrupled over the same period, according to U.S.Read the rest