So much to think about …

This recent post by Dr H has my head spinning; mostly around topics that have been forefront and already twirling, but this is worth the read.

The structrual changes C-19 may bring are broad and wide – socially, economically, poltitically foremost. But, there seems two questions that I spiral down to: a) what changes in my own personal behavior should I make to help move my community to a more positive space (safe space – health and economic), and b) how do I as an investor make money without exploiting the pain of others?

One of the comments to the post also has an interesting tidbit of thought that can easily be extrapolated to ask, what is the right proportion of the economy that can be focused on non-essential services / goods? That is a great question and the follow on question about how a society would engineer this is almost politically (at least here in US) untouchable.

Comment quote with my bold: “Anyway , what comes to mind is this Pandemic and how it exploits different parts of the World in different ways based on the characteristics of different economies and their relative position as regards development and prosperity..
Here in the US a developed economy relatively prosperous the large portion of the GDP is Consumer Spending (generally quoted at 70% ) This creates a situation where the jobs especially in the lower 50% (earnings wise that is) are in services and thus nonessential to the functioning of a society except as regards people having income and perpetuating the system. When the apple cart is upset (as currently it is) the magnitude of the problem is phenomenal in it’s scale . Elsewhere the dynamics change based on the ratio of services to essential activity.. It as I recall was my initial argument against Globalization which was a trend during the Clinton Years and was a factor in American Prosperity for 4 decades to come… It will be interesting to watch the Recovery Rate of different economies on the Global scale… I sort of see this feature as being a relevant part of future discussions and Political trends…..Actually it already is”

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