Bumblebees ‘farm’ flowers to accelerate pollen production

Some days, I read somehting and all i can say is ‘WOW’ – incredibly interesting and something that I did not know – one of those ‘blow me away’ factoids. A recent study of bumblebees and how they can influence flowers to accelerate pollen production was one of them … and scientists have yet to figure out how they do it – only that they can, and do! Source

Quote below is the kernel of their findings, “Based on their lab studies, the researchers were able to show that the bumblebees’ propensity to damage leaves has a strong correlation with the amount of pollen they can obtain: Bees damage leaves much more frequently when there is little or no pollen available to them. They also found that damage inflicted on plant leaves had dramatic effects on flowering time in two different plant species. Tomato plants subjected to bumblebee biting flowered up to 30 days earlier than those that hadn’t been targeted, while mustard plants flowered about 14 days earlier when damaged by the bees.”

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