Robotics – A starting point

Robotics – A starting point

I’ve been working on building out a research paradigm on robotics but got delayed with distractions from all corners. This week, a Seeking Alpha author posted a great starting point to get our heads around robotics and how this might play out on social and financial vectors. I thought this a great starting point. Post

From an investor point of view, I will next (with thanks to a former colleague of mine) starting cross referencing many of the names in the post referenced above with corporate contributions to ROS on GitHub. ROS is the opensource software foundation layer that will be too cost prohibitive for individual companies to fund alone – they will keep their R&D $ for those elements that strategically differentiate them from competitors – I learned this from Toyota about 10 years ago.

I will periodically update on Robotics … as the research surfaces worthwhile nuggets.

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