Dr H – The FED and inequality

Dr H – The FED and inequality

Heisenberg posted a good piece today on Chairman Powell’s testimony today and his ongoing effort to highlight the impact of current crisis on those who can least afford to weather the storm – working folks, poor folks. folks of color and women.

Dr H has been consistent on this topic and so has Chariman Powell – it’s an issue and current tools to minimize the C-19 crisis are making it worse … but fairly spoken, what was the altnerative this time (or in 2008/09)? To blame the FED (or any institution) is crazy talk – we’re all to blame, right? … for the people, of the people and by the people … remember?

The key here for me, and why i posted this, is to keep the topic front and center – the protests around the world are doing marvelous too! Looking back and placing blame is stupid; looking back to figure out the best way forward to make a difference / a fairer, more equitable future is logical; looking ahead and working to build that new future will take all of us … you ready?

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