2 foothills hikes in June

2 foothills hikes in June

Last week, one repeat and one new foothills hikes completed – both training / conditioning hikes but with fabulous forest viewing.

First, the new one with a hiking buddy, Aubrey Mountain Trail and Eugene to Crest linked together for an almost loop of 9.5 miles. The trail weaves thru 4-5 different age forests mostly being relatively young, but with a small section of older 2nd growth. The diversity and subtle differences are worth paying attention to! During the entire hike, we saw 1 other human.

The second hike (done solo a couple days earlier) is an golden oldie that gets hiked 2-3x year, Hardesty Mountain. This is another training hike that offers few views, but a great forest experience and different than Aubrey as Hardesty faces north, while Aubrey is mostly south / south west. This was a rainy, foggy, and cooler day as well.

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