Hiking around Mt Hood: index

Or, better known as the PCT and Timberline Trail loop. This past week, a hiking buddy and I walked around Mt Hood. A ~40 mile walk thru some of the most beautiful spots in Oregon, but not without dangers and adventures.

The posts will come serially as they are ready … I am planning on the following:

  • Hike debrief – what we did and what others might think add to their trip planning (post)
  • Sides of Mt Hood – pics from all sides of Mt Hood as we walked around it
  • Mt Hood Flowers – info and pics of the abundant wild flowers blooming (post)
  • Mt Hood Water – yep, pics of ice and water – very little of it still (post)
  • Gear Reviews – what worked, what didn’t work, what will do differently

Each post will contain a bit of information and pics with link to a more complete pic album on that topic.

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