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This post is one of several related to the Timberline Trail hike around Mt Hood (Index).

Flowers were totally in bloom over the days we walked around Mt Hood – July 30-Aug 3.

The south side (Paradise Park by Rootsrated). Both of us had been to Paradise Park multiple times, but for neither of us, were the flowers this vibrant and peaking across the species – truly a special time.

The west side was a bit flower bare in the areas we traveled, except for the burn areas from several years ago. In those spaces, all plants, flowers included, were just exploding out.

The north side was even better than Paradise Park … more water, more colors, and flowers were EVERYWHERE.

The east side being drier and dustier from my perspective had some flowers but they were a bit bleached out – the best east-side flowers were above Meadows sky area.

See the gallery of some of the better pics, and if you want to see more, here’s the full flower album.

4 Comments to “Mt Hood – FLOWERS”

  1. Sally Fuller

    Michael, I thought I could identify “bear grass” by now but looks as if there are other flowers that sort of look like bear grass! Would the hike have been less time if you had not stopped to take pictures? Was your hiking buddy ok with stop and go?? Must have been the best time for flowers, sure got some great pictures!!

    1. Jeff Mills

      Hiking buddy was OK with Michael using as much time as Michael wanted to devote to photos. The Hiking Buddy needed the extra time to catch his breath.


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