Sides of Mt Hood

While walking around on Timberline Trail (review), Mt Hood shows itself in all dimensions, perspectives, light and compositions. Sometimes I found myself shaking my head asking if I was really looking at the same mountain.

Regardless, Mt Hood is itself and it is beautiful.

There are two parts here.

First, I tried my best to pick a set of pics that had similar distance so that we’re sort-of looking apples-to-apples. This is in the gallery below. This set starts at Zig Zag canyon and moves clockwise ending just to the east of Timberline Lodge. (Reminder to click on image to see media file)

Second, I put all the better photos into a Adobe portfolio so you can see them all if you want. (the full set). This set has 80 photos so sit back and relax if you’re going to look thru … 🙂

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