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C-19, handwashing and an expanding global water crisis

Source: Bloomberg

If you accept the notion that handwashing will help control the spread of C-19, then access to running water (clean) and soap is critically important. Quote, “Yet, some 3 billion people don’t have access to running water and soap at home, and 4 billion suffer from severe water scarcity for at least one month a year, the United Nations group UN-Water said.”

What would it take to fix? Money.

Quote, The world needs to spend $6.7 trillion on water infrastructure by 2030, according to the UN, not just for the urgent sanitation needs, but to tackle longer term issues from the pandemic such as providing better irrigation to head off a potential food crisis, Houngbo said.”

After returning from Africa 40 years ago, I was struck by Americans pursuit of silly stuff when my former neighbors spent a great part of their day finding water. I guess not much has changed.

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