3 days @ Diamond Lake – WOW!

With little input to planning than Diamond Lake is central to 3 hiking adventures: 1) cover more of PCT south of Willamette Pass, 2) hike Mt Thielsen, and 3) hike Mt Bailey. Diamond Lake is a gem of a place to base day adventures (pun intended); I was surprised at every turn around the Lake with things to do and see – all without feeling like I was on top of other people.

The first morning at the lake, coyotes singing woke me around 4:00 – they sang back and forth for about 5 minutes – some closer than others, but truly beautiful. The second morning, it was 35 degrees at 05:00; but, by the time I was done hiking back in my car on Highway 58, it was 86 degrees – over 50 degree swing (my body went nuts!)

Here is a short list of activities that are both at the lake and easy to get to: a) Crater Lake north entrance <30 min; b) Mt Bailey; c) Mt Thielsen; d) horseback riding; e) boating of all types; f) biking around the lake – 10 miles; g) short rambling walks; and h) just hanging out.

For the ~$30 I paid for my 2 nights of car camping at Broken Arrow campground (what a difference from backpacking), Diamond Lake could not have offered a better set of adventures. 3 hikes in order: 1 – Mt Thielsen via PCT at Route 138 (south to north); 2 – Mt Bailey walking from Broken Arrow campground via Silent Creek trail; and 3 – Mt Thielsen via Thielsen Creek Trail. Of the 3, Mt Bailey was the favored.

Just simply beautiful and a place to revisit …

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  1. sally fuller

    Michael, Are you on overload yet due to such sites? Do you still appreciate your local flowers? You remind me of my friend in Homer, “will never say ‘I wish I would have.'” Love, Mom


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