Mt Bailey via Silent Creek

After awaking to the singing of multiple coyotes, day 2 was set aside for Mt Bailey. I had even thought about punting on it and redoing sections on PCT, but kept with the original plan and headed out for Bailey … walking from Broken Arrow.

The start of the trail – Silent Creek – hits the lake as one of those slow lazy central Oregon trout creeks. That quickly changed to a faster moving creek with all these blowdowns across the creek, and every tree was covered, i mean COVERED, in pretty little yellow flowers.

Bailey reminded me somewhat of South Sister climbers’ trail (walking). The first part of the trail winds thru differing forests until breaking out into the open and one can see about … fog settled in the valleys off to the south / southwest, the further climb required to get to the top of Bailey, and of course, the view across the lake to Thielsen.

The standard cascade scree scramble is required to get to the top, but not too long nor too rough. At the first summit (fake summit) there is a crater … out the blue pops this crater. It reminded me of a similar crater on the top of Wizard Island

I stopped here at the false summit as the remainder scree scramble raised my anxiety / nerves more than i wanted – i stopped around 8,300 ft elevation and could look down the trail to the summit which is less than 200 ft higher.

I came back down the same paths and ended at Silent Creek for lunch and a good drink of filtered mountain spring water.

Here’s the All Trails recording … once back and into clean clothes and sneakers, I walked another 4 miles around the lake (pics are here)

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