Mt Thielsen via Thielsen Creek

Day 3 of 3 had me heading back to Mt Thielsen, after a less than wonderful day 1 on PCT, but getting on the trail early so I could make it home for happy hour. I hit the trail from my car a bit before 07:00 … i spent a bit of time taking sunrise pics over the lake – see ’em here.

Heading up the mountain from the NW side via Howlock Mt trail (from the pony pens) to Cedar Ridge trail (back down via Thielsen Creek Trail) to PCT and then back up the climbers’ trail. From the All Trails recording, 14.5 miles and 2,441 ft elevation gain.

The morning started off with a good sunrise over the ridge thru the trees and views down to the lake and over to Mt Bailey. Thielsen stood against the sunrise …

Once I got up into the rocks and things opened up more, this little one just sat there on the rock for over 5 minutes waiting for me to take pic. I have never seen one of these troublesome thieves sit still this long without food …

Thielsen scenery and the nearby mountains show up more and more as the trees clear. The view to Mt Bailey showed clearly where I stopped the day before and just how Bailey and Thielsen balance Diamond Lake in the middle.

For the entire trip up and down, I encountered 2 other parties and one of them I had passed coming down Bailey the day before. One special treat on this trail was Thielsen Creek that actually had clear, clean flowing water through beautiful meadows (some other campers too, but didn’t see them – just their tent).

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