Lost ice

Statista quotes a research study from Leeds and Edinburgh on the amount of ice lost between 1994 and 2017. Lost. Gone. Melted.

Quote: “Their findings were published in online journal Cryosphere Discussions, stating that there can be little doubt that the cause is global warming.”

Infographic: Earth Lost 28 Trillion Tonnes Of Ice In 23 Years | Statista

Unfortunately, these numbers are so large that it’s way hard for me to internalize and visualize. Not to leave me helpless, Statista folks added an analogy, quote: “Group member Tom Slater was quoted by the Guardian as he put the figure into perspective. He said that “28 trillion tonnes of ice would cover the entire surface of the UK with a sheet of frozen water that is 100 metres thick,” and that “it’s just mind-blowing.””

Time for us to change the Nero quote to something like, “while we dilly-dallied, the earth’s ice melted” … and, we have no clue what that will mean for the survival of human species.

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