Gear review: Topo Athletic Terraventure 2 Trail-Running Shoes

Purchased at REI:

These shoes are fabulous. I have terrible feet with bunions on both big toes and the aches / pains / deformities one would expect from a 40+ year distance runner. This Topo style fits my feet, though I do have to wear different sock combinations due to inconsistent foot sizes and toes. I put around 150 miles on my first pair and will wear them for another 50 miles or so … (i replace running shoes at 200 miles too)

What I liked

  • light
  • dries quickly after crossing streams
  • comfortable

What I did NOT like

  • no ‘catch’ on the back for gaiters
  • fabric allows very fine dust to penetrate – cascade volcanic dust fills up
  • fabric started to tear slightly at high use / friction points around toe bunions

Would I recommend buying Topo Terraventure 2 trail running shoes? Yes! With promotions, it’s easy to catch these under $100 and I now have an extra pair sitting on the shelf waiting for next season.

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