E-learning increases costs to families

This was a surprise! I thought that staying home would lower costs for materials and apparel. Ok, but expenses for the digital connections are more and Statista put it well, quote:

“More than half of the roughly 7,500 U.S. consumers surveyed expect at least some classes to be taught remotely this fall, while only 26 percent expect most or all classes to be held in person. At 72 percent, the vast majority of those expecting students to be at home for some classes believe they’ll need to buy items specifically to accommodate e-learning. Laptops, headphones and electronic accessories such as keyboards, mice or flash drives are the most sought-after items specifically for e-learning purposes, pushing average expected back-to-school spending to $789 per family for parents of elementary/high school students and to $1,059 for families of college students – both all-time records.”

And for families that are either barely making it now or struggling to overcome C-19 costs and uncertainties … a nightmare, I am sure.

The increase in estimated costs is a level step function up, not a mini increase.

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