Nuclear power back in ‘small’ way?

A new ‘small’ power generating technology being pushed by NuScale Power is hitting the news feeds with Utah cities looking like the first test cases. Grist has a detailed article on it here

I get the notion that we need clean energy and there has to be a better way than what we are using today – even the batteries with wind and solar are yet to really be commercially viable (let alone environmentally sound).

We in general seem to be in a tight spot – need clean energy but can’t find a full solution that is affordable, renewable and safe. The urgency is real and the problems too … as the NuScale executive put it, quote: “There’s no shortage of potential customers for small reactors. Thirteen states and 14 big utilities have committed to squeezing 100 percent of the greenhouse gas emissions out of their systems, which means they are going to have to shut down the gas plants that have, up until now, ramped up and down to match renewables. “It’s not a matter of if, but when, these utilities will need to supply reliable carbon-free baseload power,” NuScale’s Hughes said.”

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