More on fires – Grist

Grist this morning published a terrifying article on the Western US fires.

Quote: “It’s hard to overstate how really, terribly bad this fire season has been. In California alone, wildfires have blown through 2.5 million acres of land since the beginning of the year — about 10 times more than last year, and much more than 2018’s previous record of 1.8 million acres. Meanwhile, in Washington state, fires erupted over Labor Day weekend, scorching 330,000 acres in just 24 hours. The smoke led cities across the West Coast to warn their residents to stay inside and keep windows closed to avoid breathing some of the dirtiest air in the world.”

The kicker, however, is they look at this historically over time rather than just in one year (which is scary enough!).

That trend is my anxiety and as well a great motivator to get off our butts and do something to reverse this!

Climate and campaign finance are my two top issues going into 2020 election.

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