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Climate Disasters – our new reality?

Per a Grist article this morning and thanks to the west coast governors (some of the best imho I add), we have a new word that accurately describes our current state (pun intended).

Quote: “These megafires aren’t exactly “natural,” after all — they’re magnified by the hotter, drier climate humans have created, along with a century of forest fire suppression that left more fuel to burn. And 85 percent of the time, wildfires are started by people — a smoldering cigarette, an unquenched campfire, a gender reveal party gone wrong. You could argue that even the wild in wildfires is a bit misleading.”

I also demand that we remove specific terminology from our social lexicon – “Natural Disaster” is no longer a usable phrase ->

Quote: “There’s a compelling explanation for why governments popularized the phrase: It provides them with a convenient defense if they mess up. “There are politicians who love to call them natural because that gets them off the hook,” said Terry Cannon, a research fellow at The Institute of Development Studies in the United Kingdom who studies climate change and disaster vulnerability.”

The Grist article goes on to describe the history of the terminology and its implications.

One of the actions we can all take is to hold our politicians and others in power accountable – we can no longer afford (our health, our planet, our livelihoods) to allow climate issues and needed actions to be minimized with ‘it’s part of natural cycle’, aka, ‘natural’ disasters.

Grist closes the argument with a great point, ““You can say that you’re not going to use the language natural disaster anymore, and sure, that’s a little bit of a win,” von Meding said. “But if you’re not also talking about power and inequity and injustice and structural violence, then are you really solving anything, or are you just being PC?”

Speak up and take action!

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