The human cost of US war on terror

This data just breaks my heart – both due to pain we caused and that it was probably avoidable.

Infographic: America's War On Terror Displaced 37 Million People | Statista


Key phrase: Brown University’s Costs of War project released a study last week which states that it is the first analysis to comprehensively measure the number of people forced to flee their homes as a result wars involving the United States since 2001. It states that 37 million people have been displaced by America’s Global War On Terror and that estimate is likely conservative with the true figure possibly as high as 59 million. The study points out that it focuses on conflicts where the U.S. government bears a clear responsibility for initiating/escating armed combat or where it has been a significant participant via other means such as battlefield advising, drone strikes, arms sales or other means. It does not suggest that the U.S. alone is solely responsible for displacement as causation involves multiple and complex factors.”

For historical purposes,

Infographic: Displacement In Post 9/11 Wars In Perspective | Statista

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