Plans and Clues is a blog about my experiences engaging the physical, digital and cultural world around us – basically, from a Kierkegaardian perspective, this is my subjective truth; yet, like all of us, I am an unreliable first person narrator.

Like most names, ‘Plans and Clues’ has a story behind it. This story starts within a massive corporate technology business and moves into an individual’s retirement and continued learning – thru that continuum thriving by being curious

Within the corporate walls where plans created desirable (profitable) outputs so good, data-rich clues were needed to create the best plans. We even had an old saying that went something like this:

  • Someone with a clue, but without a plan could appear genius-like
  • Someone with a plan, but without a clue could be dangerous
  • Someone with neither a plan nor a clue, hopelessly lost
  • Someone with both a plan and a clue, valuable (get things right things done right!) – hire them!

Now, from retirement looking back, that old saying does not ring as true; the desirable outputs are no longer profits, but experiences and new learning. I really don’t think it matters if one is seeking out clues and building plans, or if one is building plans to seek more clues – continued curiosity is key – engaging with the world around us.

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