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What the grid needs – really?

Utility Dive this morning posted an opinion piece with this lead-in, quote: “This week, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) kicks off a series of technical conferences on “Modernizing Electricity Market Design” with an examination of the role of centralized capacity markets … Read More

Food waste vs food anxiety

Recently, a local discussion started about food anxiety – in OR, about 44% of the population are below some drawn line where that is relevant. Ok … c-19 made it worse, check. then I see data like this Source: https://www.statista.com/chart/24350/total-annual-household-waste-produced-in-selected-countries … Read More

Owls and a hawk

On recent Spencer’s Butte ramble (trip report), a couple of uncommon birds were encountered. First, Barred Owls were 2x encountered but only 1x seen. The photo take was trash and the pair would not sit still – so photos are … Read More

WAT – Early flowers

Walking around town on a sunny chilly February day with the first flowers showing and patio furniture being cleaned and set out … Yellows Blue, purple and pink Red