This is the list of uncommon birds seen and identified in 2021 – most of the sightings will be around OR, and if different will be noted. If at all possible, actual photos will be used, but if not, then PICs from The Cornell Lab.


Northern Harrier Adult male

Northern Harrier: Observed mature male hunting over marsh land; white splash at base of tail and hunting style were key to ID. No camera – source Cornell Lab.

Snowy Egret Immature

Snowy Egret: There were two birds in the same marsh as the Northern Harrier, but both seemed like immature birds based on the head plumage – though on the tall side. Great Blue Herons are common in our area, but Snowy Egrets much less. No camera – source Cornell Lab.

Northern Pintail Male

Northern Pintail: This duck-like bird is so graceful both on the water and in the air. There were quite a number in the marsh, but not seen within the city (rivers, mill race and ponds). No camera – source Cornell Lab.