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This should get more attention than it is  Apple is one of the best tech companies when it comes to supply chain risk mitigation … this should be considered a very important canary starting to sing a different tune.

OHI – My Problem Child REIT

OHI is in trouble both, i believe, as a business and as a stock.  My total position is small relative to my historical holdings at <350 shares.  Two posts in the last 24-48 hours suggest that i am not the only one with this problem child. Hoya Capital – Williams Equity – Both of these… Read More »

Low cost Toronto Weed Stocks

I bought a couple Toronto weed stocks last month and am looking to expand positions as entry points allow … TWMJF, APHQF and ACBFF were the target set.  I have small positions in TWMJF and APHQF (after reducing both by 50% after >25% gains in last 30 days). I looked at APHQF and ACBFF as… Read More »

More Q3 Quarterly 2017 Reviews

Last night i read thru 3 earnings conference call transcripts:  HASI, FIT and BEP HASI … debt strategy and their willingness to take on that strategy was positive and well articulated.  No change to my positions (mid-point positions in both taxable and non-taxed portfolios) … will, however, add to positions if entry point lowers FIT… Read More »

UMPQ Q3 2017 Quarterly Review

UMPQ is ~3% of my taxable portfolio, with a cost basis around $12.  Their recent quarterly report, conference call and slides can be found here. What i liked: less discussion on rearview mirror and more discussion of 3 year strategy and included 2 rate scenarios within the strategy exiting the car loan business and rational… Read More »

OHI 3 Quarter

Another bruising quarterly report for OHI who continues to struggle with operator profitability and the SNF industry in general (IMHO) … i was seriously considering rebuilding my position and was carefully reading the earnings report / conference call … here is my post to Seeking Alpha this morning connected to Brad Thomas’ post on OHI… Read More »

GE Commentary

Here is one of the better commentaries on GE that i have read recently.  While the actionable advise is no better / worse than others and the author comes clean on the … GE is big, messy and intentionally financially confusing, so ultimately investors are going to have to go w/ their gut … i… Read More »

JNJ Quarterly Earnings

The Sources Analyst Call Transcript Company Slides Press Release 8K filed Interesting Points A $0.08 cent swing to earnings estimates from July based on currency valuations, especially Euro:  “If currency exchange rates for all of 2017 were to remain where they were as of last week that our reported adjusted EPS would be favorably impacted… Read More »

Small Trades

Two small trades surfaced this week … one i like and the other is like playing 1 hand of 21.  PEGI is the former and FIT is the latter. PEGI announced that the recent natural disasters would impact their demand but committed to keeping distributions as promised.  The market dumped the stock as if this… Read More »