Takes brains to turn data & information into knowledge

A recent post really hit the nail on the head in describing a future scenario where the overwhelming quantity of data and information will require well-educated people to analyze, interpret and make plans (knowledge).  It is easy, I think, to infer that those markets (geographies, countries, cities, etc) that are heavily investing into education, training and innovation around mathematics, science and computer science will be the economic, innovation and thought leaders of the future.

Sadly, most of us in the USA watch as our education programs wither from underfunding and especially the under appreciation of teaching as a serious, high-paying profession.


Customer orientation

A recent article which I am assuming is accurate at least at the root highlighted a view of ‘Orientation’ by companies.


Now … I find the ‘corporate profit orientation’ above that of the customer.  Would not a retailer want to provide convenient and customer choice modes of payment?  I get it the op costs could be higher with different vendors, but would you rather have happy, loyal customers?

Protest and Resist

In the midst of trying to be an active citizen and taking action that support my social principles and values, i stumbled into a dilemma.

The current verbs used to characterize progressive actions in my community tend to be:  Protest and Resist.  Other words like rally, march and gathering are used.  My dilemma is my desire to act FOR something (anchored in my social values and principles), OR join the larger, louder voices AGAINST something (protest and resist).

Forward momentum seems best suited behind actions FOR something.  Agreed, that sometimes obstacles must be removed to allow forward motion, so in that case, AGAINST is necessary BUT NOT sufficient.  I want to more leaders answering with both necessary and sufficient.