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Food waste vs food anxiety

Recently, a local discussion started about food anxiety – in OR, about 44% of the population are below some drawn line where that is relevant. Ok … c-19 made it worse, check. then I see data like this Source: https://www.statista.com/chart/24350/total-annual-household-waste-produced-in-selected-countries … Read More

Children starving in US

The ever stimulating Dr H put out a post today on Children Starving in US. He quickly compares the conversation to going to the dentist or talking to your doctor about embarrassing symptoms (or things you want to avoid) … … Read More

Tony Rice Day

If you’ve never listened to Tony Rice … it’s time. You have choices – bluegrass, jazz, folk or dawg. I don’t care which but you’ll be surprised regardless. Bryan Sutton, another very fine player, put together a tribute if interested. … Read More