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Weekly Update, December 17, 2017

From Jeff Miller’s WTWA The S&P one chart of 5 days Less than 1% variance Friday was all Tax reform driven … but look at the drop at end of Friday (I assume traders did not want to hold positions going into weekend and start of holiday tax selling) Small business confidence is really high;… Read More »

Weekly Update, Dec 10, 2017

Must read articles Lance Roberts – from–120817-200271844 the labor and consumer sentiment (wages) are important trends this graph is also important  A post this week on BIP  my research has BIP on my watch list and i agree with the author and many of the comments that the entry point now is not a… Read More »

The hardest action sometimes is …

… to do nothing and just watch the price of your at risk stock fall.  Unless something has fundamentally changed with the company or their markets, the value will get eventually measured.  But holding back from selling or even buying more is hard.

Weekly Update, Dec 3, 2017

Jeff Miller’s weekly summary Oddly, he published one of the simpliest characterisations of the recent tax law work The 10yr note rates while up 0.02% the range during the week was far greater and provided some opportunities to take small positions – e.g., VGIT He quoted another writer with the following: “The Dallas Fed reported… Read More »

EOY Portfolio Analysis #1

Over Thanksgiving holiday i start my “End of Year Portfolio Analysis” … it takes thru Christmas holiday to complete and then in January I write my annual report … that i send to my wife (my toughest customer). This year, I am executing to an idea that i had about structuring and managing my portfolio… Read More »

Weekly Update, Nov 19, 2017

The standard updates / shares for the week The whipsaw from Wednesday to Thursday was fun to watch and then Friday just seemed to run out of gas completely What i notice, however, is that even on up or down days, the market is not uniform … rotations are happening, and an open question for… Read More »

Must Read The article speaks for itself … a well, very well done post

Weekly Update, Nov 12, 2017

This may be the week we look back and say ‘the bull started to tire here’ … there was a great point made by somebody on a comment area to a Seeking Alpha post … buying the dip and catching falling knives are going to get much more complicated and there will be many people… Read More »

International Focus

there were a couple of articles today that focused on international data points rather than the US navel gazing in which many of us participate … First Dr H a good reminder that events and behaviors we have nothing to do with may change the short term and / or long term value of our… Read More »

Ulcer Index

This was an interesting take on ‘what is the level of risk you will tolerate?’ I know that i have made some really bad decisions at points where the white spaces are really BIG … i have bought more, i have sold, i have gnashed my teeth (like i am doing right now w/ T)… Read More »