Bloomberg pushes biz & tech but an ethical discussion is needed first

Note – a bit different here and maybe ‘bad practice’ but I will paste the email I received from Bloomberg this morning …

here’s my issue: the acceptance or rejection of facial recognition technology in social settings where ‘subjects’ did not OPT-IN is an ethical discussion for us as citizens. Bloomberg turned to a business or technology discussion without really addressing the ethics. I find this backwards. Let’s understand the ethics and the unintended consequences of the technology before wide implementation – Facebook worked out just fine, right?

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Hi all, it’s Eric.
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Autonomous vehicles – another problem solved?

Some of you know that I spent a small slice of my career leading a team working on autonomous collision avoidance for drones (which translates to cars, trucks and tractors). One of the biggest problems using visual stimuli was fog, dust and smoke particles, etc … makes vision distorted and colors, right – see?

Stanford researchers may have a solution (Summary) … quote:

Like a comic book come to life, researchers at Stanford University have developed a kind of X-ray vision — only without the X-rays. Working with hardware similar to what enables autonomous cars to “see” the world around them, the researchers enhanced their system with a highly efficient algorithm that can reconstruct three-dimensional hidden scenes based on the movement of individual particles of light, or photons.Read the rest