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Cynical View of Interest Rates

What is driving higher rates … Central Banks realizing that they have 0 tools left if things go bad fast – economic cycle turns Governments are running on debt that is so irrational that they only way they can sell their debt is to inflate the yield (lower price) This could be a train wreck… Read More »

Weekly Update, Oct 8, 2017

A big walk around a host of indicators with opinions … much of this aligns with my thinking currently Another week view from Doug Short and another week of steady incline … with a Friday rest period Rail traffic seems to be in decline … source Steven Hansen (GEI) … i’d like to see this compared… Read More »

How many transformations can i manage?

Business transformations are hard; i’ve watched a couple attempts from the senior executive offices and my portfolio has several, e.g., INTC, CSCO, T, VZ and GE.  Of this list GE is the one that i have the least handle on and the least confidence.  I have a cost basis of $17.54, but … the industrial… Read More »

QE in reverse – a worthwhile read

I found this article interesting and well written.  Obviously given the topic, i believe hard ‘recommendations’ are not possible, but better understanding is a good thing … Generalization summary but probably the best possible (without a crystal globe of all-knowledge of future, and if you had that, why worry?):  “The most important point in this… Read More »

Sunday Reads & Comments – June 25, 2107

At least 1 trusted advisor is pointing at Q2 earngings as a up-coming key indicator – Slow and persistent wins the race – Commentary:  i had this problem like April rain this week … watched both TSCO and TJX continue to fall cutting my fingers with every $1 decline.  Both are now cost basis negative… Read More »

Language choices matter

The language news sources choice matters … significantly in my opinion.  Here are the framing assumptions: Many people (investors too) read headlines and snippets and few take the time (or have the time) to read the full text and try to comprehend the nuance All stories, investment stories too, have nuance The language used in… Read More »

Sunday Reads – May 21, 2017

This week’s review is going to be a bit different as i try to wrap my actions / thoughts around different articles i found useful … this may be a bit longer than my typical posts. Favorite SA author, Jeff Miller, pointed me here – I was quite focused last week taking advantage of the… Read More »

A little shift

I sold my position in GIS, as i just could not get my head around an easy future with processed and packaged food.  I bought it several years ago rode it up, and down, but just got exhausted – did not make much money above the dividend.  I took the money and bought a similar… Read More »

Sunday Reads May 14, 2017

Sometimes good old fashioned common sense can be the best financial analysis one reads.  This one is very solid  I quickly reviewed my larger portfolio, and of the retail companies there are only 3:  TJX, KR, and a very small DSW – discounter, shoes and food are probably less impacted by what is described here at… Read More »