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Walking in the Neighborhood #2

Walking in the Neighborhood #2

I was just wandering around today camera in hand.

Am I in prison?
Coming in for a landing but I’m covered in pollen
Just wonderful to hang out 
We can really share – but you’re in my way
Better to have it to myself
Snack time
Oh my
Lake Michigan September ’18

Lake Michigan September ’18

My extended family spent several days near the Lake Michigan shore this month.  It was an easy walk thru this gate to the beach below after walking through an amazing township park.

The Lake Michigan beach is wonderful and all without salt, sharks or jellyfish.

And looking west, the sunsets are usually tremendous with or without storms.

Lighthouses are plentiful and old … and there was a reason they were built

Searching for the most wonderful wave-polished stones can fill hours of tremendously peaceful hours.

South Sister Ramble

South Sister Ramble

This week, I went up South Sister for the second time.  This time, I was much more prepared and thoroughly enjoyed the ramble … but was still tired by the end of the day.

On the way there, it was very cold (below 30 F), and the steam from the cascade lakes was amazing

Once up through the scrawny pine trees, the first plateau (alpine meadow) with a look down to Moraine Lake

Looking upward toward the top, here’s the path

On the second plateau, you can look back to Moraine Lake 

or over to another glacier melt lake.  I stopped here on the way back down as the breeze coming off the lake was very cold and refreshing after the ascent.

Then it is the last uphill section to the top

From the top … just look around, but be careful on the path (there are parts that carry risk)


Simply Flowers

Simply Flowers

The beauty of flowers amazes me … and in part why that dirty sky is so terrifying – could it eventually snub out beauty like this? (clicking on the pic will open in higher res)

PS – unmodified pics taken w/ Nikon Coolpix B700 … higher resolution pics are available if you ask

Such a dirty sky

Such a dirty sky

There have been some really red sunsets recently due to the dirty sky from near-by fires (like CA near) … while it can be beautiful, it is terrifying to me.






PS – unmodified pics from Nikon Coolpix B700

Random Birds from Spring & Summer 2018

Random Birds from Spring & Summer 2018

Birds are incredibly difficult for me to capture a good picture.  For every 1 good one, there are 3-5 bad ones.  Here are some of my better ones spanning Spring and Summer 2018 – most were taken in Eugene, OR, but a couple came from Napa, CA.

Blue Herons (they do stand still)

Swimming Ducks

Humming Birds

Small birds that sometimes sing

Some of the best hunters in the world – the Osprey pics are not as good as desired, but worth it nonetheless.

PS – a couple of these pictures were edited after the fact – just background color edits to bring out the bird a bit from background.  All pictures taken w/ Nikon CoolPix B700

Owls and a butterfly

Owls and a butterfly

The other day while sitting inside hiding from intense heat, my wife called out that there was another squirrel in the cherry tree in our backyard.  Blasted squirrels, I thought … headed to the door and looked at the movement in the tree, and it was NOT a squirrel.

Two baby owls had parked themselves in our tree which is on the other side of our deck.  These pictures were taken from inside thru the glass door.

This one seemed very interested in where i was – standing right inside the door to our back deck

It either knew exactly where i was, or was fascinated by something near me … if looks could melt you away

but after this work, it just needed to just rest their eyes … so tired

Then the other day, I was hiking up in Sisters Wilderness, and i was ready to take a picture of this very beautiful wildflower, and I was surprised by a visitor

PS – none of the photos were altered; they are posted as they came from my Nikon Coolpix B700