Whether taking pictures, hiking, biking, investing, or just reading, the gear one uses usually makes the difference between a typical experience and a great experience.

I constantly review, try and replace gear that no longer serves its purpose or the value return on time and output no longer merit the needed investment to maintain that gear.

For the sake of simplicity, I will break down gear into 3 sets: hiking, camera and investing.

Camera is the easiest and one that does not require it’s own page. I use a Nikon B500 CoolPix from several years ago. It’s been dropped, fallen on and carried thru wind, dust, smoke and water … it works great! Pics are loaded directly into Adobe Lightroom and touched very little before publishing. A DSLR purchase is on the horizon for stationary bird pics, but I have not found the right combination (yet).

Investing – Please check out this page

Hiking – Please check out this page