Loan Demand Declining in US?

I found this an interesting read … this is not good news if this trend continues … an early indicator of economic activity, or at least business’ willingness to extend leverage at this time.

Weekly Update, Nov 12, 2017

This may be the week we look back and say ‘the bull started to tire here’ … there was a great point made by somebody on a comment area to a Seeking Alpha post … buying the dip and catching falling knives are going to get much more complicated and there will be many people… Read More »

Low cost Toronto Weed Stocks

I bought a couple Toronto weed stocks last month and am looking to expand positions as entry points allow … TWMJF, APHQF and ACBFF were the target set.  I have small positions in TWMJF and APHQF (after reducing both by 50% after >25% gains in last 30 days). I looked at APHQF and ACBFF as… Read More »

International Focus

there were a couple of articles today that focused on international data points rather than the US navel gazing in which many of us participate … First Dr H a good reminder that events and behaviors we have nothing to do with may change the short term and / or long term value of our… Read More »

DR H is at it again and he has my attention …. quote:  “Because it sows the seeds of its own demise by effectively ensuring that the next crisis is larger than the last.” …”That might seem far-fetched now, but don’t let the paradox be lost on you here. Central banks are trying to create inflation. The gamble is that… Read More »

Ulcer Index

This was an interesting take on ‘what is the level of risk you will tolerate?’ I know that i have made some really bad decisions at points where the white spaces are really BIG … i have bought more, i have sold, i have gnashed my teeth (like i am doing right now w/ T)… Read More »

Weekly Update, Nov 5, 2017

What a week … just a rollar coaster for my portfolio … actions taken and my personal thoughts at the end Avondale interesting executive quotes “this is a broad-based growth…We’re really growing across the globe…better than we’ve seen in over five years. Really, really coming out of the recession was the only other time we… Read More »

More Q3 Quarterly 2017 Reviews

Last night i read thru 3 earnings conference call transcripts:  HASI, FIT and BEP HASI … debt strategy and their willingness to take on that strategy was positive and well articulated.  No change to my positions (mid-point positions in both taxable and non-taxed portfolios) … will, however, add to positions if entry point lowers FIT… Read More »

UMPQ Q3 2017 Quarterly Review

UMPQ is ~3% of my taxable portfolio, with a cost basis around $12.  Their recent quarterly report, conference call and slides can be found here. What i liked: less discussion on rearview mirror and more discussion of 3 year strategy and included 2 rate scenarios within the strategy exiting the car loan business and rational… Read More »