Ridgeline Trail +

Another last minute plan change to a closer-in hike to limit the carbon price of the adventure. Ridgeline Trail is part of the Spencer Butte trail system or the inverse, and is heavily used at different times within 1 mile … Read More

CA H2O- got your attention?

If this recent article from Grist, doesn’t get your attention about the implication of climate, water and human life … sigh Here are the salient points Quote 1: “From a rise overlooking the unusually low San Luis Reservoir, California Governor … Read More

Mary’s Peak 2×2

After warmer weather and several weeks, another jaunt up and around Mary’s Peak was just the ticket this morning. Great clear weather for an early May Tuesday. Driving to the trailhead was a reminder of how rurally beautiful Oregon can … Read More

Another test – Spencer 3x + Baldy

Had a calendar snafu last minute and a constraint popped in so travel wasn’t possible, and my hiking buddy had a leaky irrigation system … so Spencer Butte worked again, beautifully! The objective for the hike was to ascend Spencer … Read More

Walking up & down the butte

Unable to leave town, and wanting a new way of hiking the butte … up and down seemed like a good idea at the time – each ‘up’ was longer than the previous one. All in all, it was a … Read More

Conditioning on the Butte – 15m test

Sometimes, plans morph surprisingly with great results. I had intended, PLANNED, to take on a new hike this week on the north side of Willamette River valley … but for several reasons, decided to forgo driving more than 15 minutes … Read More

Without running water in US cities

A recent Statista infographic on access to running water used a report from the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences as source material. Over 500,000 people just in the top 50 cities are without running water … could not … Read More