Food waste vs food anxiety

Recently, a local discussion started about food anxiety – in OR, about 44% of the population are below some drawn line where that is relevant. Ok … c-19 made it worse, check. then I see data like this Source: … Read More

Owls and a hawk

On recent Spencer’s Butte ramble (trip report), a couple of uncommon birds were encountered. First, Barred Owls were 2x encountered but only 1x seen. The photo take was trash and the pair would not sit still – so photos are … Read More

WAT – Early flowers

Walking around town on a sunny chilly February day with the first flowers showing and patio furniture being cleaned and set out … Yellows Blue, purple and pink Red

A bit more on electric grid

First, why all of a sudden posts on electric grid? Just because of recent Texas crisis? No … the electric grid is a complex problem and will be a gating factor for two critical strategic vectors: electric vehicles and renewable, … Read More

New Category: Electric Grid

A decent article posted today about the condition and design of US electric grid. The story is complex and one that is a HUGE risk for our citizens as we have learned in Texas. This is the regional design and … Read More

New Category: Uncommon birds

February 10 – walking around the Meadowlark Marsh Note: Photo source below = Cornell Lab as the camera remained home out of the rain Northern Harrier: Observed mature male hunting over marsh land; white splash at base of tail and … Read More