India sells coal mines – can’t end well

So the Indian government sells coal mines to private industrial companies putting more dirty energy into corporate hands. This will not end well based on history and will NOT help either keeping coal in the ground or reducing the … Read More

Who owns my car’s data?
Post There is a ballot initiative in MA this go around that is very important and it’s getting positioned not as strongly as its potential disruption could be … depending. Here’s Wired’s positioning of the imitative, quote: “The ad centered … Read More

New study on plastic polluters – USA is not great

A new study looking at plastic pollution source hit >1 news feed this week which highlights both the importance and the source quality based on recent experiences. Study’s lead-off summary makes it clear: quote, “Plastic waste affects environmental quality and … Read More

Follow the $ – banks and climate

Bloomberg Digital posted an article on how big banks are cleaning up their investments and loan books to reduce and / or eliminate fossil fuel business. At face value, that sounds like a great idea regardless if one is an … Read More

Another Spencer Butte ramble

Spencer Butte and Ridgeline Trail can be doubled up and stretched to get a good 10+mile & >3000 ft elevation gain … and from today’s ramble 2 sets of photo themes: a) fog and b) sunrise over the ridge the … Read More

2020 Trees

Over the 300+ miles hiked this season so far, a common photo that surfaces is something like these The larger set can be found here:

Science Daily – several interesting summaries

Almost every day, I glance thru an email called, Science Daily. A daily update on latest research news derived mostly from peer reviewed or like-esteemed journals and agency reports. On a typical day, the post contains 20-25 items and I … Read More